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Where Do You Get Your Inspiration? Thumbnail

Where Do You Get Your Inspiration?


[00:00:05] Hi, this is Antwone Harris with Platinum Bridge Wealth Strategies, and it's been a tough couple of years. And many people have hit a wall. They've had to face a lot of challenges and obstacles as they struggled through Covid and through being at home and through challenges in the economy, et cetera.

[00:00:22] So I wanted to find out on a personal level, where do you get your inspiration?

[00:00:27] So I draw my inspiration from my grandfather. He was a very hardworking man. My grandfather was a brick mason. He laid block and poured cement and concrete. I started going on the job site with him when I was three years old. And I started working for him for real when I was 12 years old.

[00:00:44] And it's very hard work. We used to lay block, poor concrete, break up sidewalks, stucco walls for hotels, et cetera, et cetera. My pop would get up at six o'clock in the morning and he wouldn't come back until almost, almost dark. And, he'd go right to bed and do it again the next day. And he had arthritis in his shoulders and his wrists were arthritic.

[00:01:07] He had to have both knees replaced and he did this type of work until he was 87 years old and he passed away when he was 89. So, he worked his entire life. And he used to tell me, "Hey, Twon, if you don't work, you don't eat."

[00:01:23] So we would work in 95 degree weather. We'd work in the cold. We'd have heaters out there so that we could heat the ground so that we could dig into the ground.

[00:01:32] He instilled in me a tremendous work ethic. He was a role model for me because he employed young black men in our community that may not have been able to find a job, otherwise. Some had been incarcerated. Some had drinking problems. But he gave them an opportunity to have some dignity to make a contribution in our community and to learn a trade that they could use for the rest of their life. Some of them continue to perform that profession today; to earn a living for them and their family.

[00:02:02] So I'm very proud of my grandfather. He is my inspiration.

[00:02:06] I keep my pop's truck sign on my wall, and I name my sons Jake and Mason.

[00:02:11] I'd like to know in the comments, where do you get your inspiration from? Where do you draw your strength from? How do you continue to push through when those obstacles and inevitably come up and come about?

[00:02:21] So please, leave those details in the comments.

[00:02:24] This is Antwone Harris with Platinum Bridge Wealth Strategies, and I'll talk to you soon.