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Already Retired 

Retirement Income


Once we decide to work together I will take you through Our Seven Pillar Process– This process happens at your pace on your schedule. We will chip away at this gradually until we have covered all of the essential areas to ensure you have a complete game plan. All of these steps together are used to form your comprehensive RETIREMENT INCOME GAME PLAN.

Now that you have actually retired you will need to monitor your game plan frequently in case any red flags emerge that would indicate that your retirement is in jeopardy. You need to track your spending habits vs. your retirement income plan, and account for any unusual outflows. We also need to review your milestones which include claiming your Social Security, filing for Medicare, and starting your Required Minimum Distributions at age 72. These are all critical elements of your overall plan and you need to make smart decisions in the context of your lifestyle requirements. There is a bunch of information to process. However, there is one thing that all retirees must do first in order to help secure their plan throughout their lifetime.

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