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Short, actionable videos to help you make smart decisions in retirement.  

Financial Decisions That Will Haunt You in Retirement Thumbnail

Financial Decisions That Will Haunt You in Retirement

Planning for retirement is hard enough. Don't make it harder with poor financial decisions. Here are three that could haunt you forever in retirement. First, resist the urge to put your children ahead of your retirement savings. Yes, you want the best for your kids. But if you're devoting all of your money to private schools instead of your IRAs and 401(k)s, you may find yourself broke when retirement rolls around.

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Rolling Over Retirement Assets Thumbnail

Rolling Over Retirement Assets

Rolling over money from tax deferred retirement plans can be a tricky piece of business. Violate the tax rollover rules and you may potentially subject your retirement funds to income taxation and unnecessary penalties.

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Basic Estate Planning Thumbnail

Basic Estate Planning

Whether your bucket of assets is large or small, estate planning can help you preserve those assets, manage money during your lifetime, and facilitate the administration of your affairs after death. If your goal is to consciously provide an organized strategy for your heirs you need to plan your estate. This video shows you the importance of doing it.

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ETFs Explained Thumbnail

ETFs Explained

This 3-minute video will help you understand How ETFs Work, ETF hidden fees and components of your ETF investments.

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