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10 Really Cool, Out of the Box, Retirement Gift Ideas Thumbnail

10 Really Cool, Out of the Box, Retirement Gift Ideas

10 Really Cool, Out of the Box, Retirement Gift Ideas

Are you trying to think of a retirement gift for a friend, loved one or co-worker?  Are you trying to avoid giving them the old standby gifts like a gold pocket watch?   Here are 10 really cool, out of the box ideas that will put a big smile on their face and make them feel appreciated: 

  1. A framed listing of their major accomplishments on the job.  
  2. Build a collage of memorable photos from the team, including pictures of them receiving awards and have it framed. 
  3. A trophy engraved with their name and dates of service.
  4. A Kindle reading device - preloaded with several books that they would love to read.  Think of their hobbies, bucket list, etc.
  5. A subscription to a wine or gourmet food club.
  6. Pre-pay for lessons or specific training in an area of interest such as language classes, acting or dancing lessons.
  7. Make a jar of farewell messages from your team. 
  8. Give them a do-it-yourself cocktail kit like https://www.cocktailcourier.com/ or https://saloonbox.com/  They will deliver unique cocktail recipes each month that they can make themselves (some packages include liquor).   
  9. A do-it-yourself garden kit like https://www.mygardenbox.com/ help them start their own garden in retirement. 
  10. Put them in the center of a real life mystery experience.  Venues Like Escape Room (https://escapetheroom.com/)  puts players in a real-life escape game where they must work together in a race against the clock to solve a series of increasingly challenging puzzles. You can get all of your family or co-workers together and create a memory to last a lifetime. 

Retirement can be a great experience for those that are prepared.  For those that are not, the thought of retiring can promote anxiety, stress and worry about the unknown. 

There are so many things to plan for:   Healthcare, kids, elderly parents, social security decisions, income needs, Medicare. Trying to get a game plan together can be overwhelming.  

After hours and hours of exhaustive research,   we have developed a comprehensive checklist.  Simply Click Here to get:  The 15 Things That You Must Do Before You Even Think About Retiring.  [ACCESS NOW]